How is this calculated?
How can I reduce the cost of my wedding?

Wedding costs can easily spiral out of control if even a single element is overlooked or not properly costed for. The biggest cost incured is generally under the accommodation and venue heads. A large amount can be saved by switching to acommodation from a lower category.

This goes for venues too. Also do keep in mind that some venues charge rental for the entire day, while some charge for a given slot. An elaborate setup in the latter would require multiple slots to be booked and send the cost upward.

Catering can also be a major cost, as many venues in India do not allow outside catering. You can collectively save on both catering and venue costs by booking a venue that will allow outside vendors to provide services.

We have seen a fair share of people who book venues and hotels without factoring the remaining cost of other services only to realise later on that they have expended a large portion of their budget on just a few elements. This is generally one of the pitfalls in planing a ceremony. Booking a great venue and then having to severly cut back on everything else as a trade off.

Will there be an element of variance?

Yes. Considering that we use average pricing in our calculations.
Eg: Working with a hotel in a particular segment that has above average pricing will increase costs while the inverse will reduce costs.

Is anything excluded from this?

Transportation & labour costs have been excluded as these are dependant on the location of the venue, time available for setup, type of setup etc.

I'm planning a destination wedding, will this calculate costs accurately?

We do not expect a change in the cost calculated under most heads for a destination wedding inside India. However do expect to see an increase in expenditure under the below.

  • Rentals
    Rental costs can increase as charges are applied from the date of departure to the date of return.

  • Hotels & Venues
    Hotel & venue pricing can also vary depending on season and the destination.

  • Transportation & Labour
    Transportation & labour costs will also increase as outstation costs will be incured. Additionally you may also have to look at travel and accommodation for the DJ, Band, Makeup Artist etc. if you are unable to source these services locally.

How is this calculator different from other ones I've seen online?

Most wedding budgeting tools you see online are made for western markets and don't apply here in India. Most of them calculate costs based on hourly rates which is not the case here in India. Also cultural differences such as booking accommodation, transportation etc and price variation between markets have to be taken into consideration.

Our tool has been built keeping the local market environment in mind to give the most accurate results.

I have more questions, where can I find the answers?

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